She gave her life to science to save us from our sins.

In their latest trash opera experience, The Fabulous Entourage collides influences as diverse as robot technology, superheroes, anime, and The New Testament to create an electronic praise-and-worship environment that would rival most midnight revivals. Travis and Kyle preach the gospel of Robot Girl, the unfortunate little girl who lost all her limbs, augmented her body with robot gadgetry, and thus became the world's only bionic superhero messiah.

Q: If Jesus and Robot Girl were paired off against each other in a kick-boxing match, who would win? (See below for answer.)*

This blasphemous rock extravaganza was developed in an actual, honest-to-God church and bares a certain unmistakable authenticity as a result of that process. Originally produced by Prospect Theater Company and presented on a double bill with Les Freres Corbusier at the West End Theater, ROBOT GIRL is now expanding. We're currently auditioning a full backing choir for singing, quaking, and shaking as we gear up to take the show to other venues.

JOIN THE CHOIR! Interested parties please email your resume to Minimal commitment, great people, good times. Let's all rock n' roll n' worship together!

*A: Robot Girl would kick Jesus' ass!