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View from the Throne installment 6
by drummer Perry Silver

Why the band The Hazzards changed their name from the 'Ukes of Hazard' will forever be a mystery.

Note from Kyle: This one's particularly short. But also profound in a way, like Confucius.



View from the Throne installment 5
by drummer Perry Silver

In my last installment, I wanted to write "it just goes to show you, bassists are PUSSIES" but I wrote "BABIES" instead. I'm not sure where the line is supposed to be in the mixed-up world of Band-Blogs. But I'm sure I'll find it, step over it, and then create a society on my side of the line: A society that functions solely off of hair mousse, hash, and the music of Yanni. Wait, what? Greece already did that? Fuck.



View from the Throne installment 4
by drummer Perry Silver

So my idea of the concept album didn't totally turn out like I had hoped. But there was one defining characteristic that should thread the album together, nicely: Sweat! It was impressively hot in the un-air-conditioned, Park Slope-vicinity studio where we did our dirty sinful business. Our bassist, who ate healthy treats like bananas and grapes all day got really sick and puked all night after the first day in the studio. I ate Twinkies and Yodels and I was fine. Just goes to show that bassists are babies. But come to think of it, my stomach hurts. Waaaah. That's right, no exclamation point. My "waaahs" are said in a quiet, monotone voice. Deal with it.



View from the Throne installment 3
by drummer Perry Silver

Last night, the band took a field trip to see one of the funniest comedians on 11th street (between 1st and 2nd Avenues), Nick Kroll. Nick and I grew up together, and he's much more important and rich than I. I told Nick that a mutual friend of ours had peed on me when I was sleeping over at his house several years ago. I woke up around 6am to said friend, going to town, Sprinkler Style, all over me and his guest bed. I then yelled at him and pulled the sheet over my head. But it was too late. The sheet was leaking urine like a 1950's tenement building in Alphabet City (for all our Missouri fans, "Alphabet City" is a neighborhood that used to be filled with poor Immigrants from Russia but is now populated with less poor immigrants from Westchester NY).



View from the Throne installment 2
by drummer Perry Silver

So we're going into the studio this weekend. I recommended we do more of a concept album: perhaps covering all of Raffi's greatest hits, or writing 11 songs based around Flag Day. Not this go around. I'd like to at least get to name the album. I was thinking of, "Iona College". Our lawyer's calling us to let us know if we get the copyright. "The Fabulous Entourage's Big Bad Ballz" was also nixed.


This is the first day we've had this page. We have one thing to post right now: check it out below. Perry's writing is somewhere between Bukowski and Rainman. I mean that in the most affectionate way. Enjoy.

View from the Throne
by drummer Perry Silver

when someone's walking in front of me (on the street, on the subway platform, in the Prada store) and they stop in their place (either to look up at the tall buildings, talk on their cell phones, or just because they feel like it), I make it a point to over accentuate how close we came to colliding. sometimes I lunge forward with my head, while keeping my legs planted- this shows the person in front of me what lengths I had to go in order to avoid collision.

the Llamas and Emus in the schwag Central Park Zoo have a bum deal.

no one has ever seen a skateboarder "land a trick" in Union Square park. if anyone says they have, punch them in the face. for they are liars.

why are there names?