Unless otherwise noted, these photos show
Travis Chamberlain, Kyle Jarrow, Perry Silver, Emily Wilbur, and Libby Winters

Fashions by Sky Switser
at Galapagos Art Space, Halloween Show, October 31, 2005


at Rothko, June 18, 2005
Photos by Jimmy Maize


at The Delancey, April 22, 2005

Photos by Jill Beckman


at Sin-E, December 4, 2004

Photos by Rachel Ayers & Brian Mullin


at Knitting Factory, February 3, 2005

at Rubulad, December 17, 2004

Photos by Katy Kassler

at Joe's Pub, September 4, 2004
Photos by Frank Lord
Photos below this point on the page show Travis Chamberlain, Kyle Jarrow,
Katy Kassler, Perry Silver, and Emily Wilbur.

at Arlene's Grocery, August 20, 2004
Photos by Joyce Wilbur

at PS122, May 15, 2004
Photos by Steve Saporito & Pinque Magazine

at Arlene's Grocery, May 26, 2004
Photos by Sky Swister

from Manifest Destiny at The Tank, March 19, 2004
Photos by Jenn Rogien

The VERY FIRST Fab Entourage Show Ever!! at Galapagos, May 20, 2002
photographs by Melis Bilgin and Becky Yamamoto


from Robot Girl at The West End Theatre, February 24, 2003

photographs by Melis Bilgin

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