L to R: Travis, Perry, Libby, Kyle, Pamela

Kyle, Travis, Emily, Perry, and Libby relax at a photoshoot

Costume designer Sky Switser

Libby gets her tailfeathers attached

Guest comedian Nick Kroll
gets help with his ascot from Sky

Perry warms up backstage

Emily, Kyle, Libby, Travis, and Perry backstage at Joe's Pub

Perry with guest performers Becky Yamamoto
and Nick Kroll

Emily and Travis

Kyle, costume designer Sky Switser, and
Travis walk the streets

Travis, Perry, Emily, Libby, and Kyle
eating soul food at a Katrina benefit

Perry at Rothko
(in an inexplicable Krusty the Clown wig)

Emily and Libby at Rothko


Katy, Travis, Perry, Syle, and Emily
before a gig at Arlene's Grocery

Katy and Emily posing

Katy and Emily, um, posing

Travis, Emily, and Kyle

In the studio...

Travis and Kyle

Travis looks intense

Katy, Travis, and Emily veg out

Kyle, Emily, Travis's back

In the dressing room at The Tank...

Emily, Kyle, Katy, Travis

The same, putting eye makeup on Kyle

Katy and Emily consider how hard it is to be beautiful.

Photos by Sarah Sloboda (top pic), Alden Ford (next four pics),
Perry Silver, Joyce Wilbur, & Sky Switser (assorted)