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"The Fabulous Entourage is a quintet of
youthful punk-popsters hell-bent on
bringing theatrics back to rock-and-roll."

-The New Yorker

"[The album is] entrancing... it's as if the
Scissor Sisters and Hedwig got together to cover
old Meat Loaf songs. In other words,
it's absolutely fabulous."
-Paper Magazine
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"Their music commands attention!"
-Village Voice

"Freaky boy-girl art-punk sensations!"
-Los Angeles Weekly

"Best time you'll have all month!"
-SPIN Magazine

"NYC's raunch and glam
synth-pop-rock n' soul darlings!"

-The L Magazine

"Combines glam rock and rock opera
in the spirit of the Scissor Sisters."
-Boston Globe

"Glam-pop quintet The Fabulous Entourage is definitely a reason not to give up on the
New York rock scene... [they're like] the
lovechild of the B-52s and The Cure."

"Glitzy rock-opera-style goodness."
-Time Out New York

"TFE combines the image and lyrical
ambition of glam rock with the show-stopping theatrics and score of a hit Broadway musical.
And with voice talents equivalent of the
Supremes, they can't help but consistently
rock your face off."

-The Deli Magazine

"They're a glam rock sensation!"

"Sophisticated and enthralling...
upbeat and honest club music."
-Perpetual Toxins

"A cult favorite of the downtown scene."
-Long Island Press

"They get you up on your feet like seven
expressos to the dome."

-NYC Underground

"Catchy melodies and back-up singers
reminiscent of The B-52's."
-LA Splash Magazine

"The bass/keyboard/drum trio busts
dirty electro grooves that bounce
effortlessly between art-house punk
and sugar-coated pop as the
lovely ladies doo-wop with grace."

-New York Press

"Over-the-top glam rock art...
a New York cult band (known) for their
extravagant new wave shows."

"Brilliant... and lowbrow."
(This is one of the most hilarious
press quotes on us ever, we think)
-New York Magazine

"I listened in awe as they managed to
craftily place pop and du-wop, new-wave,
funk and rock in a neat little package and
tied it with a string of melodic
harmonized vocals (courtesy of those two
sultry back-up singers).
Compelling and creative music!"


"Their live show kicks butt!"
-AM New York

"They’re punk, they’re pop, they got
mad grooves, power ballads and are
known for their way-theatrical cool live shows."
-Hits Daily Double

"These young trendsetters party into
the wee hours."
-New York Daily News

"Finally, the question has been answered:
'What do you get when you combine Lou Reed
with the Atari 2600?' We have seen the
future, and it is fabulous!"


"We were intrigued by their unique aesthetic -
Abbott and Costello if they were twenty-something
rock stars creating a pop spectacle with
an Ed Wood budget."

"[They craft a] defiantly low-fi aesthetic that
does little to hide their abundant musical
talent... [They] prove to be more than the
sum of their influences with
encouraging frequency."

-H/X Magazine

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