Libby's coming back from Vegas, and we've just scheduled a big reunion show. Friday March 21 at 9pm at The Annex, 152 Orchard Street, NYC. Hope you can make it!


The Fabulous Entourage has a big announcement to make! No, we're not pregnant. But: TFE bandmember Libby Winters just booked the leading role in Mamma Mia in Vegas. Go Libby! (We also hear that David Hasselhoff is now starring in the Vegas production of The Producers.  Maybe Libby and David will record a duets album while she's out there.  One can dream...)

Anyway, because of Libby's absence, the members of your favorite NYC glam rock band have decided to go on hiatus for six months while she's out west. Though it was a tough decision to make, all of us are excited about taking some time off to focus on our various other projects. But before our hiatus begins, we have some more rocking to do.

Don't miss our big blowout GOODBYE FOR SIX MONTHS show:
> Friday June 15 at 11pm At Pianos, 158 Ludlow @ Stanton (F to Second Ave) Our last show for six months is going to be a wild throw-down party. Hope you can make it!


t March 2007: LOTS OF NEWS

1. The rad hit internet series The Burg has included us in their most recent episode. Our music is used throughout the episode (which also features kissing girls). Plus there's live footage of us performing our song "Out of Beer" at the end. You can watch it at

2. The brilliant marketing people at GEICO Insurance were nice enough to pay us a little bit of coin for the use of our titular ditty, "The Theme Song." Go to to take a listen. Once inside, peruse the hairy guy's crib, paying special attention to what's playing on his ipod. It's us, Royksopp, and a couple other bands. There's a profile of us in one of the Caveman's magazine's as well. The whole thing's pretty surreal, but it's all good, right?

3. Our previously injured drummer, Perry Silver, is now officially BACK IN BUSINESS! We're doing a big welcome back show at Sin-E on Saturday March 24th. At 10pm. Hope you can make it!

4. We spent last weekend in the studio, recording two new tracks. They're sounding great! We'll have them online soon and will let you know as soon as we do.

t February 2007:
Perry's back and we're excited to be playing
with him again. Plus, we have a bunch of new songs
(we're exploring a bit of a new sound these days).
We're recording a couple new tracks
at the beginning of March.

t December 2006:
It's embarrassing that we haven't updated this page
for so long. Please forgive us: we've been busy.
Anyway, we have sad news -- our drummer Perry Silver
injured his hand back in November.
It's going to be okay, but he's taking some time off to heal.
In the meantime, we've been performing
with beatboxer Adam Matta and guest drummer Michael Ross
(from Kyle's college band Brother Ray)
But never fear: Perry will be back soon!

t July-August 2006:
We're heading out to the West Coast
for a bunch of gigs
including opening for HOT CHIP in San Francisco.

t July 2006:
New York Magazine put us in their famed
"Approval Matrix." On a grid of Highbrow > Lowbrow
and Despicable > Brilliant, they've placed us right
at the apex of Brilliant and Lowbrow.
They've rated us more lowbrow than Peaches and
more brilliant than Dave Chappelle (!).
We're flattered.

t June 2006:
We've introduced a new band member:
the amazing Pamela Quinn.

t May 2006:
We're embarrassed by how bad we've been about
keeping this page up to date.
But... our debut album PLAY NICE NOW
is finally finished and you can BUY IT HERE!
It's been mixed by the
amazing Tim O'Heir. And we're real
proud of how it all sounds.

t August 2005:
We're in the midst
of mixing our album. We're including
a bunch of additional instruments too:
harp played by Paul Thureen,
trumpets and trombone by the horn players
of the band Jesus H. Christ,
electric guitar played by Sean Pierce
formerly of the Toilet Boys,
and acoustic guitar from Scotty Wilbur.

t June 2005: We just completed the
initial tracking of the album at
Seaside Lounge Studios in Brooklyn.
Soon we're heading into Clinton Studios
in Manhattan with engineer Bryan Smith
to mix and do overdubs on this puppy.

t May 2005: TFE is gearing up to go into
the studio to start recording our
first full-length album (11 tracks, y'all).

In January, TFE shot our first music video,
on location at the 52nd Street HoJo.
Directed by Habib Azar, it features The Lying Song.
The video is currently in post-production.

t In November, TFE added a new member!
We're proud to introduce LIBBY WINTERS.
Hailing from Minnesota, Libby is a kickass
singer and actress. Plus she looks great in a
giant pink-and-white wig.

(Libby, looking intense and artistic.)