There are many rumors, legends, and apocryphal tales about the formation of The Fabulous Entourage. Some say Kyle and Travis started performing at a small rehab center in Long Island. Others say they met while hang- gliding in the Himalayas. Still others whisper that they began their careers after being exposed to a strange radioactive moon rock. None of these stories are true. The truth is, these boys were born to rock and roll.

began when Travis and Kyle embarked upon an effort to find new ways to integrate rock music and theater. In pursuit of this goal, they created a number of popularly and critically successful theater pieces, combining performance art and storytelling elements and fusing Travis's spoken word creations with Kyle's bizarre, darkly funny pop songs. Their first piece,
Realm of the Unreal, introduced TFE's signature mix of lo-fi electro-pop and B-movie story lines.

A blurry image from the early days.
Photo: Quinnie Tan

TFE's next collaboration was Hardboiled Happy Hour, presented at Dixon Place in July 2002. TFE followed that with the space age romp Big Bang!, which was co-produced by Collective: Unconscious. Big Bang! featured an army of eclectic opening acts and was hosted by Carrie Curran and Desiree Burch. By the time of their trash opera opus Robot Girl, Travis and Kyle had begun performing more regularly as a band, singing songs from their shows in new contexts with more complex arrangements.

With the addition of drummer Perry Silver and backup vocalists Emily Wilbur and Katy Kassler in late 2003, TFE added a fuller, rawer rock sound to the bedrock of electronic beats and samples. Their concert extravaganza Vice Nation, performed in January 2004, showcased this new lineup. Currently, TFE enjoys a reputation as a kickass pop band with lively and flamboyant stage shows that hint affectionately at a more theatrical past.

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